I feel like my life could be summed up in one giant “shrug” emoji. Sometimes I kill the mom game, sometimes I let my kids wear pajamas all day. Some days my kids and I look like we stepped right out of a lifestyle magazine – healthy, smartly dressed, hair combed – and somedays I have the perpetual “snot shoulder” (you know what I’m talking about) and my kids have crusty noses that are just downright embarrassing. It’s all about balance, right?

Except, when it’s not. Sometimes, it really is about surviving day after day. One foot in front of the other, one more meal time finished, one more bed time ritual marked off the calendar…only to wake up and do it all over again. I absolutely adore my kids, but sometimes I just would rather stick a fork in my eye than deal with another bath time. 

It’s in these times that the whole “self care” culture really starts to become our saving grace. Now, I like to be careful when speaking about self care because I feel like it could be used as an excuse for bad behavior. Who wouldn’t love to drink a whole bottle of wine at lunch on the regular as a form of self care, right? I mean, it does sound lovely, but probably not advisable. 

No, I’m talking about the things – whether they take 10 minutes or an hour – that help remind you of who YOU are, that help you have a moment to disconnect and bring you back a sense of peace. Having a variety of self care habits in your arsenal just might help you survive those times when balance just isn’t working out so well.

Everyone has there own but if you’re looking for some ideas, I’m happy to share a few of mine. 

YOGA – This seems like an obvious one, but one of the eight limbs of yoga is the concept of Niyama, which is concerning the attitude to ourselves. Yoga offers benefit to our physical presence, of course, but it can also force the student to truly look inward, to practice grace and to be accepting that we are doing our best by simply stepping onto the mat. Because, Momma, you are doing your best every damn day.

EPSOM SALT BATH – There is nothing, and I repeat nothing, I love more than a super hot bath with some lavender epsom salts. Worry, tension and frustration seem like useless emotions while I’m allowing my body to melt into water. There has to be a reason water is considered healing because I’m amazed at how such a simple, basic act can change my mood and energize my spirit.

JIGSAW PUZZLE – I am such a huge nerd. I can get LOST in a jigsaw puzzle. My mind completely shuts down and it just becomes an exercise in finding matches. What goes with what – what fits with what – how do these small pieces become part of the larger image? Could this be a life lesson or a sure sign that I’m ready for a retirement home? The jury is out on this one.

MAKING THE BED – Gosh, who doesn’t love a freshly made bed? The whole world could be spinning out of control, but if I see my bed made…ah honey. That makes me happy. It just brings order to my day, structure to my most intimate space and a reminder that I’m caring for my sanctuary. You should know, I have a very special connection with my bed; I love to sleep and I get to do it so rarely, so I take it very seriously. 

Whatever your method, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes to take care of you. Take a deep breath because it all begins again tomorrow. 🙂