Guest Blog by Anna Grant

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I am a woman, wife, mother of two boys and a dog. I try my best to show my family how to eat healthy, be active, explore our spirituality, live life out loud, and enjoy a good brownie. We travel the world as much as we can and we enjoy playing in our backyard on the weekends. My life is all about balance and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Self care for Moms…because Kids.

I feel like my life could be summed up in one giant “shrug” emoji. Sometimes I kill the mom game, sometimes I let my kids wear pajamas all day. Some days my kids and I look like we stepped right out of a lifestyle magazine - healthy, smartly dressed, hair combed - and...

Benefits of traveling with kids

Before children, my husband and I were avid travelers. We were both fortunate to work in industries that had us on the road quite a bit, giving us the opportunity to see much of the world. And then…kids. All of those lovely perks that come with traveling frequently...

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