Who is it for ?

Our retreats are for mums and their children. We suggest that the best age for children is from 3months up to 7 years, but if you wish, you can bring an older child as well.

How looks daily schedule at your retreats ?

We know that everyone is waking up at different times, and everyone has different eating habits – and that’s why every morning, you will have a self-service breakfast. You can have breakfast any time till 9:00. We will provide fresh fruits and veg, muesli, cereal, different types of milk, rice cakes, cheese, eggs, toast, tea, and coffee. You can feel free to use the kitchen to have breakfast and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. For mamas, we suggest having a light breakfast, because of the yoga class starting at 9:30. After yoga class, each morning, you will have some lights snack provided, such as smoothie or juice, nuts, herbal tea.

9:00 childminders arrives. Most of the days, depending on the weather, kids will spend time outdoors under a shade. They will have a wide range of activities with childminders. The cooking session, crafts, and outdoor games using the Montessori approach ( depending on children ages). At around 10.30, children will have a light snack together with childminders. Snack will include fruits, healthy snacks and crackers.

9.15 Mamas yoga session with our wonderful yoga instructor. Afterward, mamas have free time till 12.30/13:00 to have a relaxing treatment or massage, reading, shower or relaxation by the pool.

12:30-13:00 Childminders leave

13:00 Mums and children lunch. After lunch, there is free time for mum and children bonding. Its time for you to explore Malta – visiting cities or beaches. Or to spend time on-site by the pool. A few afternoons, we will have some activities, like mother and child yoga, cooking class, and workshop.

19:00 Dinner for mums and children. Dinner also can be saved for those who want to stay for a longer time outdoors.

21:00 three evening meditations. Babysitting available

Can I have extra babysitting ?

The package includes babysitting every morning from 9:00-13:00, but if you wish to take some extra time for your self, you can have a babysitter with an additional cost.

What languages do you speak ?

Our primary language is English, but we also speak Maltese, Latvian, and Russian.

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