Our Mission

Sun-kissed mama is a community created for mothers to be greatest ourselves. We must take care of our bodies, mind, and soul. Every mother should have an opportunity to pause, to nurture herself, and to create a stronger bond with her child.

We created Sun-kissed mam retreats for all mothers and their children. A place with no barriers, where all mothers are welcome to have deep conversations, to laugh, and create amazing memories.

Our primary mission is to give a space for you to achieve what you love the most, to create a stronger bond with your child in surroundings where everyone is welcome and loved.

Sun-kissed mama retreats are a non-judgmental, safe, welcoming and sacred space for women, where you can re-connect with your soul  and create stronger bond with your child.

Meet the team

All the wonderful individuals in the Sun-kissed mama team hold the spirit of the retreat they are loving and nurturing women who hold the space for everyone.

My name is Ieva and I believe that every mother should have an opportunity to pause, to nurture herself and to create a stronger bond with her child. As a first-time mom to a son,  I know how challenging things can be – to balance your life, to take care of your wellbeing, and to treat yourself to something pleasant. Our everyday lives can be complex and stressful even going on a holiday can be a challenging job to do. Being inspired by many women, mothers, and yoga, I created a sacred space for mothers and children, a space where you can  to heal, spend joyful moments with your children in safe, loving and peaceful surroundings.

Malta is my happy place, living here for the past three years have filled my life with sunshine, happy people and delicious food. Malta is a fascinating country with a lot to offer. By coming to our retreat in Malta, I hope you will return back home filled with energy, positive thoughts, and a very happy child.

I’m Dace and I will be your beautician in the most amazing event for mamas. I have over 8 years of experience in working as a certified beautician in aesthetic cosmetology. I love what I do and my job is my hobby. Every day I learn something unique in my niche. I’m happy to be able to transform and improve persons appearance and self-confidence. With provided SPA treatments not only you will feel more energized and left with glowing skin but also you will feel more relaxed and positive. I will work with selected beauty products and one of my favorites is French brand ‘Phytomer’ facial care products. I will offer for you SPA treatments such as 3 different types of facials, back massage and face massage.

I’m Yanica and  I will be your yoga instrucotr. My yoga journey took off in 2013 when I started suffering from unbearable sciatica pain. I tried different types of treatment but nothing seemed to serve as a permanent fix. One day I decided to give yoga a try. After my first class I remember that I left with so many unexpected feelings. I felt relieved, my body felt in place and more aligned as though I felt taller. There and then I knew that there was something special about this practice and I never looked back. The love for yoga grew as the years passed by. Whilst I was volunteering and travelling in India, I acquired my RYS 200HR Yoga Teacher Training certification in Dharamkot specialising in Ashtanga Vinyasa. The intensive practice under the direct instruction of Vijay has taught me so many lessons on and off the mat. I hope that through the sessions I will be able to share with you all that I have learnt from incredible India.

As an instructor I believe that primarily we are here to guide participants allowing to discover the inner-self, grow as an individual, and better their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Namaste

Karin Laing is an internationally certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist and Energy Healer. Karin specialises in Transformational Coaching and Intuitive Counselling, helping her clients achieve clarity and move forward in their lives.

Karin is a registered member of I.A.C.T – the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and P.L.T.A – the Past Life Therapists Association (UK).

In 2018 she followed her soul purpose and moved her practice from her hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo (Malta) where she established L’Għarix Temple Retreat. L’Għarix (La Reesh) means “Sanctuary” in Maltese.